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[11 Dec 2018|11:00am]

What I've been up to:
  • traveling most of November - 2 back to back conferences, Star of India / tall ship sail , two thanksgivings including one in ABQ
  • moving & trying to get settled into the new house which has happened
  • entertaining both sets of parents for two weeks at a time
  • trying not to drown in my PhD program
  • trying not to drown in work
  • prepping for and participating in this faith leaders' protest action (and others)

Now it's crunch time as all my final papers are due this week and I'm falling behind on ordination writing. And you know, prep for Christmas at church.

RP folks - if I owe you something, nudge me, because I may have lost track of it. Also, I may not be doing a lot till I turn in all these papers. (Or I may be throwing myself into rp to procrastinate/self-care)

[02 Dec 2018|09:24pm]

This Is Fine Log Challenge )

Someday soon I should write up some thoughts on Bertie and Fabian. I also have two dueling ideas for a third character: crazy purist aunt or Muggleborn business owner who is maybe downplaying that MB side more than a little bit. But I'm open to ideas/connections/etc, so please hmu if you have/need anything!

And don't forget to hit me up with your address for a card!

[02 Dec 2018|09:24pm]

TiF log challenge! )

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