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[14 Jan 2022|08:53pm]

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Den Holiday Bingo [08 Dec 2014|09:38am]
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[28 Jun 2013|09:54pm]

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Testing the Waters [29 Dec 2010|09:54pm]
So, out of curiosity, how many people out there would be interested in a Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus game? (feel free to send friends who would be interested this way too)

re: AF [10 Dec 2010|12:09pm]

I have a nostalgic spot for the premise because it reminds me of an old game of mine. I have been waiting for another game like it an it's here!

So naturally, this means I need characters. I don't know how the semester will go yet so I'm thinking I will start with 2 and see how it goes. Naturally, I have more than 2 ideas... Decisions!

If anyone has plot ideas that they like or want or have bumping around drop them my way while I'm in the brainstorming stage!

Currently I'm considering:

Lavender Brown - maybe in a femme line? (given up on men?) I'm not sure, she has a lot of interested opportunity I think.

Marietta Edgecombe - relaunched from LA where she was a little bit ditzy and a gossip whore...

Cormac McLaggen - kind of self-explanatory. Professional Quidditch player.

Montgomery Twin?

Tavish Mebbe? He's a lot like Cormac in attitude though. Then, of course, there are the usuals... Verity, for example. It'd be nice to have a fresh slate character though...


I hate finals. p1 [09 Dec 2010|11:26pm]
I know I'm not the only one feeling it but OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE FROM THE STRESS. I cannot BREATH there is so much on my plate.

Tonight was the end of Three Days of Rain, my costume designer debut. It was very well received and I'm super glad. The costumes even got a lot of attention which is sort of rare I think. That's all great but it means that costume strike is now on my list of to-dos. Along with all of the finals and final projects I have to do. I'm definitely freaking out.

I really don't even think I have something more to add to this. I've lost a total of like... 20 pounds I think. That's pretty cool. When I think of it in the grand scheme of things it seems like nothing. When I compare it to my cousins baby? I have LOST AN AIDEN. That seems significant.

This probably should have gone on my private journal...

Past Characters [05 Mar 2000|04:32pm]
Graveyard )

[01 Apr 1996|10:14pm]
Below is a compilation of some of my RP samples. This list is in constant contruction.


as Lavender Brown {[info]sunny_baby} for A Fiortori

March 29 | Lavender, Micheal, Padma | rating: low
Hooking up over and over again is meaningless until you hide it from your friends over breakfast
March 28 | Lavender, Summerby | rating: low
Lavender's love life is all messed up and so is her inner eye, she needs a second opinion
March 26 | Lavender, Montague | rating: adult, sexual content, ftb
Isaac is supposed to be a part of her past, she why can't she get him out of her head?

as Amelia Weasley {[info]dp_w1ckedcinn} for Dirty Pleasures

Beyond the Savannah | Amelia Weasley, Shae Shacklebolt | rating: medium
Amelia and Shae are supposed to be just like siblings but the older they get the harder that is to remember.

as Verity Montague {[info]dp_w1ckedcinn} for Dirty Pleasures

Zeus and Aphrodite | Verity Montague, Charlie Weasley | rating: adult, sexual content
Charles is a manipulative, selfish, sadistic man and Verity has fallen into every lie he wants her to believe.
Of Serpants and Dragons | Verity Montague, Charlie Weasley | rating: medium, drugs and nudity
After a wild night no one remembers Charlie and Verity end up with very permanent reminds of an affair that's supposed to be temporary.


as Lavender Brown {[info]sunny_baby} for A Fiortori

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